The Crystal Charter is very receptive to hiring new members that can offer their time and talents to the cause. We recruit through word-of-mouth, job flyers, the Adventurer's Guild, and by direct contact with persons of interest.

Most public recruiting efforts are handled by Xio Tahvi, though potential members are welcome to approach any of the Directors. All recruits must undergo an interview and succesfully pass through a trial period before being granted full membership.



We're always looking for new members! If you're interested in joining, the Directors will work with you to find the appropriate recruitment method and story hook to fit your character. Trial membership typically lasts two weeks, during which either the FC or the recruit can decide to cut ties if the fit is not right.




Here are some questions design to help potential members get a better feel for their fit with the FC.

  • Do you consider yourself lore-compliant?
  • Do you enjoy standalone RP sessions that may not necessarily be attached to larger stories?
  • Are you OK with joining a campaign that may continue to hold sessions even if you are not available for some?