All members of the Crystal Charter have access to private linkshells and back-office services. Members are welcome to utilize as little or as much of the services as desired.



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  • The Usual Accoutrements
    • Office-themed medium house set on a beautiful beachside cliff in the Mists.
    • Dual FC buffs running 24/7, tailored to member activities.
    • IC and OOC cross-world linkshells used to facilitate RP.
    • Restricted Discord server to keep up with all FC business and silly banter.
  • Room Reimbursement
    • The FC will reimburse the cost of purchasing your room in the house; 100% of the cost for your first room, and 50% of the cost for alts.
    • The player must purchase the room using their own funds, and the fee will be reimbursed upon request.
    • There are no requirements for qualifying for this perk.