Our Story

With sword, shield, and spell we of The Crystal Charter strive to provide adventurers a home to hone their skills, help those in need, and of course make a living off their craft. The various divisions of The Charter work together to assist those who come requesting aid at our levedesk. From researching a newly discovered ruin, to clearing out a den of bandits, to destroying ashkin within a newly discovered ruin, our Research and Operations Divisions come prepared for any and all that may be asked of them.

Originally founded as a newspaper after the conclusion of the Dragonsong War, then-named The Crystal Chronicle, we sought to be a trusted source of news from all corners of Eorzea. Over the course of a year of publishing and distributing, we realized that while the public is strongly in favor of an international free press, there are yet powerful forces in Eorzea that oppose it. In order to survive and make a greater positive impact, we chose to shift our focus. Thus, through the desire to help any who may need aid, The Crystal Charter was established.



The Crystal Charter is an RP-focused FC based out of Balmung. Founded in late 2016 as a newspaper, we transitioned to our current company concept by early 2018.


Members and affiliates enjoy weekly events, which include free-form RP and flexible campaigns. We offer slice-of-life RP and opportunity for deep character development so that players can grow their characters at their own pace.


While our focus is RP, members are encouraged to participate in all aspects of FFXIV as they desire. Leadership periodically hosts non-roleplay events, and members are welcome to do the same at any time.


The company is led by a group of Directors, each of which oversees a specific major department and shares in additional responsibilities needed to keep the company running. Upon joining, new members are placed into a department based on their skills and aspirations. Department leadership, which includes the Director as well as any member they have promoted, is responsible for keeping staff abreast of developments and in tip-top shape should a mission require their presence.

Company assignments typically require coordination of resources across multiple departments. The leadership teams will work together to schedule the necessary staff, or outside contacts when assistance is required, to complete a mission.

Leadership: Svobran Axio

Duty Keywords: Protecting, battling, warding

Danger is always lurking around the corner, and even missions that appear harmless can quickly turn violent. The Operations department is responsible for protecting field agents during missions and, at times, by preemptively striking targets that would otherwise threaten the integrity of an assignment.

Leadership: Xio Tahvi

Duty Keywords: Surveying, collecting, testing, studying

The collection and study of artifacts, both mundane and magical, allows the members of Research to answer questions and peice together fragments of a greater story. On-site digs at historical points of interest may also serve to uncover even more questions for those with inquisitive minds.

Leadership: Dae Fenris

Duty Keywords: Building, supporting, housekeeping, groundskeeping

The Facilities department is responsible for office maintenance, as well as providing the rest of the company with tools to complete their own duties. This could range from simple office work, like repairing a bookshelf, to something incredibly complex, like building an airship. Those in Facilities are typically trained in a craft or have expert knowledge in specialized areas conducive to office upkeep.

Leadership: Various

Duty Keywords: Cataloging, organizing, healing, gardening

Smaller specialized groups, which are comprised of employees from the three major departments, exist to fulfill specific needs of the company. This includes the Archives staff who maintain all written material housed at the office, and the Infirmary staff who tend to the sick or injured.



Our members are organized into available Departments depending on the type of character being played. Operations are for those who swing first and ask questions later. Research is for those who question relentlessly and prefer hands-on learning. Facilities is for those who support from behind the scenes. Department members may also be able to join our Supplemental groups depending on their skills.


While we do periodically have events that are focused on a specific deparment typically all FC members are welcome to participate in all events, regardless of their placement. Changing departments is also allowed if you're looking to adjust direction with a character.


The Crystal Charter office features workspaces for all deparments, as well as space for leisure activities. Visitors are welcome at any time, but it is recommended to reach out to staff ahead of time to schedule an appointment for specific business needs.

The building is located in the Mist, Ward 7, Plot 60.



Our office is always open! If you would like to join us in roleplay it is recommended to contact a Director in-game ahead of time or check our event calendar to find the next upcoming Open Office Hours event. All characters on Crystal data center can visit us at Mist, Ward 7, Plot 60 - Crystal Data Center, Balmung.